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Some Fun with Antiquated Hat Terms - Part 1 Ancient Greece through Medieval European Helmets

Some abstruse and abnormal words appear to ablaze while searching aback at the history of headgear. Accepting afresh accomplished account THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) about the authoritative of the Oxford English Dictionary, I anticipation it ability be fun to analyze the definitions and ancestry of some of these age-old terms, a lot of of which accept all but abolished from avant-garde use. [I'll breakdown this activity into three or four parts, so break tuned.]

To authorize for admittance below, the chat accept to appearance up with a squiggly red band at Microsoft Word's "spell check" tool. So actuality goes:


Forms: 15- petasus, 18- petasos.



[L. tutulus.]

A Roman head-dress formed by plaiting the hair in a cone aloft the forehead, beat esp. by the Flamen and his wife.

1753 CHAMBERS Cycl. Supp., Tutulus, a allotment of the Romans, a address of bathrobe the hair, by acquisition it up on the forehead into the anatomy of a tower... Tutulus additionally adumbrated a woollen cap with a top top. 1816 J. DALLAWAY Statuary & Sculpt. vi. 321 The head-dress is that of the wife of a pontifex,..the tutulus or top of the hair is formed with a applique annular the acme of the head. 1891 FARRAR Darkn. & Dawn xxvi, Domitia Lepida, whose tutulus, or conical head~dress, it was the absolute assignment of a slave-maiden to adorn.



[Late OE. wimpel = (M)LG., (M)Du. wimpel, OHG. wimpal veil, banderole (MHG., G. wimpel streamer, pennon), ON. vimpill (Sw., Da. vimpel from LG.), beginning OF. guimple (mod. F. guimpe), of which the alternative wimple coincided with the built-in form. Ultimate agent uncertain.

It is ambiguous whether the senses provisionally placed calm actuality and beneath the vb. accord all to the aforementioned word. In annex II there may be an onomatop ic element; for accumulation and acceptation cf. dimple, rimple, rumple, wrimple.]

I. 1. A accoutrement of linen or cottony aforetime beat by women, so bankrupt as to blanket the head, chin, abandon of the face, and neck: now retained in the dress of nuns. Aswell gen. a veil.

Used about in aboriginal glossaries as a apprehension of L. anabola, cyclas, peplum, ricinum.

a1100 Aldhelm Gloss. I. 4296 (Napier 112) Cyclade, .i. ueste, wimple. a1100 Gloss. in Wr.-Wülcker 107/37 Ricinum, winpel uel orl. Ibid. 125/8 Anabola, winpel. c1200 Trin. Coll. Hom. 163 Appoint winpel wit o er maked eleu mid saffran. c1240 Ancr. R. 420 (MS. C), Sum sei æt hit limpe to ene wummon cundeliche ability were wimpel. c1250 Meid. Maregrete xlvii, oru e mitte of ih christ, wid her wempel ho hin bond. 1297 R. GLOUC. (Rolls) 6941 Appoint bodi wi a mantel, a wimpel [v.r. whympel] aboute appoint heued. c1374 CHAUCER Troylus II. 110 Do a-woy oure wimpil & schew oure face bare. c1386 Prol. 151 Ful semyly hir wympul pynched was. 14.. Voc. in Wr.-Wülcker 601/43 Peplum, a wynpul. c1425 WYNTOUN Cron. IX. xxv. 2992 Hyre hayre in wompyll arayande. c1440 Gesta Rom. lxix. 317 The emperesse hydde appoint face with a wympill, for she wolde not ben y-knowe. 1513 DOUGLAS Æneis I. vii. 115 To ask supple, with thaim ane womple bair thai, With handis betand ther breistis by the way. c1530 Crt. Love 1102 And eke the nonnes, with vaile and wimple plight. 1560 Bible (Genev.) Isa. iii. 22 The costelie accoutrement and the vailes, and the wimpels, and the crisping pinnes. 1805 SCOTT Last Minstr. V. xvii, White was her whimple, and her veil. 1819 Ivanhoe xlii, Her abounding wimple of atramentous cypress. 1879 WALFORD Londoniana II. 247 Three nuns with veils and whimples.

transf. 1615 CROOKE Physique of Man 123 A certaine bland and glace veyle or wimple is substrated. 1861 A. AUSTIN in Temple Bar III. 472 Graves are the apartment wimples Against Life's rain.

2. A flag, streamer. [An conflicting sense.]

1656 BLOUNT Glossogr., Wimple..a Banderole or Flag.

II. 3. A bend or wrinkle; a turn, winding, or twist; a ripple or bouncing in a stream.

1513 DOUGLAS Æneis II. iv. 30 Bot thai about him lowpit in wympillis [orig. spiris] threw. 1593 NASHE Christ's T. 74b, Be not added analytical of a wimple or atom in thy vesture, again thou art of spotting and thorow-stayning thy deere bought Spyrit.

1818 HOGG Brownie of Bodsbeck xii. I. 225 A shepherd..hates the wimples, as he calls them, of a turnpike. Ibid. xiv. II. 22 He had as mony links an' wimples in his appendage as an eel. 1845 ELIZA COOK Waters i, Waters, ablaze Waters,..your wimple just lulleth the minnow to sleep! 1878 STEVENSON Will o' Mill, Parson's Marj., The river ran amid the stepping-stones with a appealing wimple.

4. A adroit about-face or twist; a wile. Sc.

1638 SIR A. JOHNSTON Diary (S.H.S.) 320 Notwithstanding al wyles, wimples, offers, motions, and uther letts. 1755 R. FORBES Ajax's Sp. 24 The gouden helmet will sae glance, An blink wi' skyrin brinns, That a' his wimples they'll acquisition out Fan i' the mark he sheens. 1818 SCOTT Hrt. Midl. xxiv, There is aye a wimple in a lawyer's clew.

Hence wimple-less a., not cutting a wimple.

a1225 Ancr. R. 420 if e muwen beon wimpel-leas, beo bi warme keppen.


[a. OF. ventaille, -taile, ventalle (mod.F. ventail masc., = OProv. ventalha, It. ventaglia), f. aperture wind, air. Hence aswell MHG. vin-, finteile, vintale. A absolutely English alternative is AVENTAIL.

As the faculty of 'breathing-place' appears to be extraneous to the age-old use of the chat (see faculty 1) in French and English, the name may originally accept been accustomed to the section of armour from a absolute or absurd affinity to some added commodity so designated. Added senses of the OF. chat (and of the accompanying forms ventele, ventail, and vental) are fan, vane (of a windmill), sluice, shutter, blade (of a folding aperture or picture). In OF. romances the ventaille is freq. mentioned as accoutrement the affection or breast: cf. Chaucer Clerk's Tale 1148.]

1. A section of armour attention the neck, aloft which the helmet fitted; a neck-piece. Obs.

a1330 Roland & V. 863 His ventail he gan vn-lace & smot of his heued in e place. 13.. Guy Warw. (A.) 92 His helme was of so michel mi t, Was neuer man ouer-comen in fi t at hadde it on his ventayle. a1400 Sir Perc. 1722 He hitt hym evene one the nekk-bane, Thurgh ventale and pesane. c1400 Laud Troy Bk. 14375 Her helmes were on her ventayles sperde. c1450 LOVELICH Grail XIV. 33 Helmes, hawberkes, & ventaylles also, Alle to the Grownde he dyde hem go.

a1400 Sqr. lowe Degre 222 Your basenette shall be burnysshed bryght, Your ventall shalbe able-bodied dyght, With starres of gold it shall be set.

2. The lower adaptable allotment of the foreground of a helmet, as audible from the vizor; latterly, the accomplished adaptable allotment including the vizor.

c1400 Destr. Troy 7030 The battle with a dynt derit hym agayn, at the viser & the ventaile voidet hym fro. c1400 Anturs of Arth. xxxii, Again he auaylet vppe his viserne fro his ventalle. c1470 Gol. & Gaw. 867 He braidit vp his ventaill, That closit wes clene. a1533 LD. BERNERS Huon cxxiv. 448 Vnder the ventayle of his helme the terys of baptize fell downe fro his eyen. 1590 SPENSER F.Q. III. ii. 24 Through whose ablaze ventayle..His audacious face..lookt foorth. 1600 FAIRFAX Tasso VI. xxvi, He ventall vp so hie, that he descride Her apparent visage, and her beauties pride. 1802 JAMES Milit. Dict., Ventail, that allotment of a helmet which is fabricated to lift up. 1865 SIR J. K. JAMES Tasso XX. xii, Thro' the barred ventayle his ablaze appearance shone. [1869 BOUTELL Arms & Armour viii. 127 This piece, alleged the mesail, or mursail,..but added about accepted in England as the ventaile, or visor, was broken for both afterimage and breathing.] 1906 S. HEATH Effigies in Dorset 10 Some~times with a adaptable 'ventaille' or visor.

b. One of the vents or air-holes of this. Obs. 1

1470-85 MALORY Arthur X. lx. 516 The claret brast oute at the ventayls of his helme.

3. Something acting as a captain or fan. Obs.

a1529 SKELTON Col. Cloute 400 [The nuns] Accept to casting vp theyr blacke vayles, And set vp theyr fucke sayles, To bolt wynde with their ventales.



[a. F. salade, ad. Sp. celada or It. celata, believed to represent L. cæl ta (sc. cassis or galea), (a helmet) bizarre with engraving. Cf. MDu. salade, sallade, salla.

The L. adj. has not been begin in this egg-shaped use. Cf. 'loricæ galeæque aeneæ, cælatæ opere Corinthio' (Cicero).]

1. In mediæval armour, a ablaze annular headpiece, either with or afterwards a vizor, and afterwards a crest, the lower allotment arched outwards behind.

c1440 Eng. Conq. Irel. iv. 11 (MS. Rawl.), Ham-Selfe wel wepenyd with haubergeons, and bryght Salletis and sheldys. 1465 MARG. PASTON in P. Lett. II. 189 Imprimis, a peyr brygandyrs, a salet, a boresper [etc.]. 1480 CAXTON Chron. Eng. cclv. (1482) 331 He toke syr vmfreys salade and his brigantyns..and aswell his gylt spores and arayd hym lyke a lord. c1537 Thersytes 55, I wolde accept a sallet to were on my hed, Whiche beneath my chyn with a thonge red Buckeled shall be. 1585 T. WASHINGTON tr. Nicholay's Voy. IV. xxviii. 146b, On their active [they] hadde sallets of leather. 1593 SHAKES. 2 Hen. VI, IV. x. 9 Many a time but for a Sallet, my braine-pan had bene broken with a amber Bill. 1594 R. ASHLEY tr. Loys le Roy 113b, The men that were heauily armed had a salade, which couered their head, and came downe as far as their shoulders. a1600 Floddan F. ii. (1664) 12 Some of a allotment can anon accomplish A sallate for to save his pate. 1786 GROSE Anc. Armour 11 The Salade, Salet, or Celate. Father Daniel defines a Salet to be a array of ablaze casque, afterwards a crest, sometimes accepting a visor, and getting sometimes afterwards one. 1824 MEYRICK Ant. Armour III. Gloss., Salett,..a ablaze arch section sometimes beat by the cavalry, but about by the infantry and archers. It..was about a animate cap abundantly akin the morian. 1844 JAMES Agincourt II. v. 109 He acquired his archers to put on the cuirasses and salades. 1888 STEVENSON Atramentous Arrow 4 Armed with brand and spear, a animate salet on his head, a covering jack aloft his body.

b. jocularly referred to as a admeasurement for wine.

1600 HEYWOOD 1st Pt. Edw. IV (1613) Cj, Accomplish a proclamation..That..Sacke be awash by the Sallet.

c. transf. Headpiece, head. nonce-use.

1652 C. B. STAPYLTON Herodian 56 When Wine was got into his bashed Sallat.

2. Some affectionate of adamant vessel. Obs.

1472-3 Rolls of Parlt. VI. 51/2 With fyere brought with theym in a Salette thider. 1507-8 Acc. Ld. Top Treas. Scot. IV. 101 Item, for ane sellat to mak gwn powdir vijs. 1582 J. HESTER Secr. Phiorav. III. cxvi. 141 Sette the aforementioned potte in a Sallette of Iron, and adhesive them abutting together.

Hence saletted a., cutting a sallet.

1455 Coventry Leet Bk. (E.E.T.S.) 282 An hundred of goode-men..with bowes & arowes, Jakked & saletted. 1461 J. PASTON in P. Lett. II. 36 The peple was jakkyd and saletted, and riottously disposed.


[a. F. armet, aswell in OF. armette, dim. of arme.]

A affectionate of helmet alien about the average of the 15th century, in abode of the basinet. It consisted of a annular adamant cap, overextension out with a ample biconcave bump over the aback of the neck, and adequate in foreground by the visor, beaver, and gorget. (Boutell.)

1507 Justes May & June 87 in Hazl. E.P.P. II. 124 They absolved not cors, armyt, nor yet vambrace. 1577 HOLINSHED Chron. III. 853/1 Foure headpieces alleged armites. 1795 SOUTHEY Joan of Arc Wks. IX. 279 Smote on his neck, his abutting Unfenced, for he in alacrity angry had casting An armet on.


Obs. exc. Hist.

Also 6 burguenet, (burgant), 6-7 burgenet, 6-9 burganet, 9 bourginot, -goinette. [ad. OF. bourguignotte, app. f. Bourgogne Burgundy.]

a. A actual ablaze casque, or animate cap, for the use of the infantry, abnormally pikemen. b. A helmet with a visor, so adapted to the gorget or neck-piece, that the arch could be angry afterwards advertisement the neck.

[1598 BARRET Theor. Warres Gloss. 249 Burgonet, a French word, is a certaine affectionate of head-peece, either for foote or horsemen, couering the head, and allotment of the face and cheeke.]

1563-87 FOXE A. & M. (1596) 1083/1 I was page to a foot~man, carying afterwards him his pike and burganet. 1570-87 HOLINSHED Scot. Chron. (1806) II. 255 His burguenet baffled into his head. 1592 GREENE Upst. Court. Wks. (Grosart) XI. 235 With Burgants to abide the achievement of a Battleaxe. 1611 SPEED Hist. Gt. Brit. VIII. v. (1632) 407 On their active they all wore answerability Burgenets. 1796 SOUTHEY Joan VII. 296 A massy burgonet..helming his head. 1825 J. H. WIFFEN Tasso VII. xc, The bright burganet that veils His brows. 1834 J. R. PLANCHÉ Brit. Apparel 280 A morion and bourginot of the aforementioned period. 1852 D. MOIR Tomb de Bruce v, In the anteroom afraid the ambition and burgonet rusting.

fig. 1606 SHAKES. Ant. & Cl. I. v. 24 [Antony] The demy Atlas of this Earth, the Arme And Burganet of men.


Armour. Now hist.


Obs. rare.

[Fr.; dim. of cabas basket, panier, etc.]

A affectionate of baby helmet.

1622 PEACHAM Compl. Gentl. III. (1634) 150 Keyes, lockes, buckles, cabassets or morians, helmets and the like. 1874 BOUTELL Arms & Arm. ix. 162.



[a ME. (= the OF.) anatomy of QUAINTISE, 'quaint device, able ornament', appointed to a appropriate faculty by avant-garde writers on age-old costume, actual novelists, etc. (Some Dicts. accept an erroneous anatomy cointoise.)]

An affected or absurd dress, symbolical or accessory apparel; esp. the chaplet bandage beat on ladies' head-dresses, and aswell added to the jousting-helmets of knights, as a 'favour'. See QUAINTISE.

1834 J. R. PLANCHÉ Brit. Apparel 93 This closing is alleged a quintis or cointise, a name accustomed to a abnormally ancient clothes or anorak of that day. Ibid. 94 The bandage afterwards beat annular the acme of the helmet was alleged a cointise. 1843 JAMES Forest Days (1847) 181 The admirable scarfs, alleged cointises, again afresh introduced.

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