Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Choosing shoe clips

Shoe clips are a great accessory enabling you to transform any shoe from a basic and plain shoe into a masterpiece to suit any occasion. Of course there are so many options available that choosing may be daunting, it's always best to get a few options, that way you can transform your shoe and wear the same shoe daily just with your own personal twist.

When choosing shoe clips it's important to have some idea of what you are looking for. Depending on the company you choose to purchase from you will find an extensive range of high quality clips for all types of occasions, including weddings. These clips come in a range from vintage designs to flowers, feathers and beautiful rhinestones. The best suggestion is know your occasion and then shop accordingly.

Choose a company that has a solid online reputation. Do a simple search for shoe clips and see what comes up in your search. The great news is that these are not heavy or large items, so you can shop from any company anywhere in the world, depending how long you are willing to wait for delivery.
Always read up as much as you can about the company before purchasing. You want to buy high quality and you want your shoe clips to last for years. The clips you choose should be able to be worn on the front, side or heel of your shoe. This means you can completely transform your plain black pumps into something amazing for an evening cocktail function or wear some clips on the front and transform them when wearing a suit for work.

The clips are easy to use and designed not to damage your shoe. This means you can wear them for work and then unclip them, pop them in your handbag and go straight out with friends having a more casual finish to your footwear.

The style of shoe you have can also play a role in the shoe clips you choose. Stilettos may benefit from an elegant design while a casual pump will benefit from a trendy and personalized touch. Consider placing the clip on the side of the shoe or back of the shoe for a different finish, this can be exceptionally pretty when combined with a dress or skirt, while wearing the clip on the front can complement trousers or trouser suits.

Color should play a vital role in your decision. If you are attending a cocktail function and you're looking for shoe clips to transform a pair of black high heels, then you don't want to choose a bright color that stands out. A simple black and white bow or a glamorous dark rhinestone option will be more than enough to add your personal touch to your footwear and transform your shoe into an evening option.

While you may have some indication on the color and style of the shoe clips you are looking for, there is one very important factor you must take into consideration and that is the company you purchase from.

Ensure you take the time to read their "about us" and "delivery" pages, this will give you all the information you need on the company along with what you need to know about delivery costs and time frames. Each company has a different time frame when it comes to delivery and if you need your shoe clips for this weekend, then you need to choose a company that can provide you with this service.

The great news is that there is such a wide selection available so you can really put your own personal touch to any shoe in your closet, giving them a new lease on life.

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